2BS - The commisioning process

2BS nuestro proceso

Supervision, Deployment and Optimization of facilities

Hydrostatic Testing

  • Review of the hydraulic connection of the system to the plant lines.
  • Checking the suction hydraulic circuit.
  • General review of the internal hydraulic circuits of the system.
  • Performance of the hydrostatic test according to the manufacturer’s standards or the specific agreed procedures of each project.
  • Delivery of the corresponding report.

Electrical Services

  • Review of connections between equipment and the facility.
  • Verification of interconnection with other elements external to systems (e.g. frequency variators) and their compatibility, in accordance with manufacturer instructions.
  • Verification of the transmission and receipt of signals.

Operation Test (With water)

  • Verification that all pieces of equipment are in adequate operating conditions from the mechanical and electrical viewpoint, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Verification that the operational limits defined by the manufacturer for the equipment are achieved.
  • Verification that associated safety and control elements are operational, in accordance with. the documentation provided.
  • Confirmation of the taring of accessories to apply communications tests with the plant DCS.
  • Operation tests of the local control panels.
  • Collecting of representative test data and generation of graphic documentation (calibration curves).
2BS Supervisión y Optimización de instalaciones
2BS Puesta en marcha y Optimización de instalaciones
2BS Capacitación en la formación de equipos

Courses and Training

Our courses allow plant staff to become familiar with the equipment used in order to operate it safely and appropriately, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

What content is developed in the training?

  • How to perform normal system operation.
  • What are the signs that allow us to detect a problem in the equipment.
  • System regulation operations.
  • Maintenance works.